Groups & Outdoor

Our 6 acre lush green ground provides enough space for your outdoor activity without disturbing other guest’s privacy. Make Captain’s Quarters – A National Seashore area hotel in cape cod as your group’s vacation home.

Great Cape Escape Group at Captains Quarters hotel Pic1 Welcome to our grounds at The Captain’s Quarters in Cape Cod. We offer 6 acres of lush green forest like set up where you can have your out door fun. Enjoy your group party, BBQ, Family re-union party or just eat out side on a picnic bench under the tree. Enjoy during day time or night time. It is always fun to do BBQ at Captains Quarters. The BBQ grills and picnic tables are scattered through out the grounds. Just fire up and enjoy your mouthwatering dishes in a quiet natural settings. Some of our groups prefer to eat outside instead of using our Banquet Hall. Choice is yours. Do whichever way you prefer.

See here our long time customers, The Great Cape Escape Group enjoying their out door fun activity on our premise. They have been visiting us regularly every year since last 20 years. There are many groups who have made us their vacation home every year. Bring your group and enjoy the out doors at Captain’s Quarters – a cape code hotel for a great escape!

Great Cape Escape Group at Captains Quarters hotel Pic2Great Cape Escape Group at Captains Quarters hotel Pic3

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